The place I want to go.

The place I want to go. That is Hokkaido. I also want to see Lake Mashu. Because, for some reason, Hokkaido traveled with a friend when I was young. Because I also wanted to see Goryokaku of Hakodate. I chose the tour that Hakodate is in the schedule and went. The night view of Hakodate is famous, but the tour tour did not include the night view of Hakodate. Nevertheless, why did you stick to Hakodate, Goryakaku because it was the last land of Shinsengumi, Deputy Director Hijikata Hijikata. Today, there are many visitors saying that they are a history woman, but at that time it was such a famous place, it was not the main place. I think that I did sorry for my friends who were dating and going with me. So, in Hakodate, Goryokaku tour there was a day to stop at Lake Mashu. ""Lake Mashu of Fog"" is famous. I see it even on TV, but it is a mysterious image. I remember when I went on a trip it was just in the middle of May. A travel company person said, ""Because the temperature is lower in Hokkaido than in Honshu, it is just fine with a thick clothes, it's just a thin sweater,"" or a thin sweater, ""I got an explanation and packed up a long sleeve slightly thicker clothes and wearing it It was a light sweater, too. However, it is hot rather than cold when it arrives in Hokkaido! It is! At that time, Hokkaido said the temperature is rising more than Honshu. T - shirt was enough. Because of its abnormal weather, Lake Mashu had no fog and was able to overlook the other side. The bus guide says, ""For those who are single, it is said that it is sorry, but it is said that the marriage will be delayed if we see sunny lake Mashu."" Because of that legend I was married with a friend when it passed 35. Well, as such a legend is good, Lake Mashuhon will be ""fog"". The sunny lake Mashu is nice. I would like to see Lake Mashu in the mysterious fog. Hokkaido is my favorite destination. When going on next, I will try to find it on the main tour of ""Lake Mashu"".