The place I can not forget in domestic traveling is

The place I can not forget in domestic traveling is ""Ouchi inn"". It's like a time slip, old townscape ・ ・ ・ roof of roofs stood side by side, it was a space of healing which can not say anything. In the Ouchi inn which leaves the aspect of the post office space of the Edo period as it is, the scenery which the view to see is very fresh. For me who is accustomed to life in the streets of urban buildings, it remained as a very shocking impression. A souvenir shop, a buckwheat store, etc. in a cabin roof inn like ・ ・ ・ It all came in by. In the evening really it got dark all around, and I realized that the night is so dark. And I felt the moon and stars floating in the night sky are so close. Some people are entering the hot springs in the public baths in the light of the twilight ... and fireflies are normal. I knew fireflies only in television and books, it was impressive. Walking through the fireflies and flying fireworks and the lights of the fireflies, the strolls of the night were plentiful and generous. And, for the first time I heard that walking is such a fun thing. Ouchi inn which has forgotten the life in the city and has a scenery which can be calm and calm feeling so relaxed is the best place I would definitely want to go again if there is opportunity.